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LEDC & the Lamoille Chamber of Commerce serve Lamoille County’s business community.

Building A Better Business Community

Lamoille Chamber of Commerce
In January 2022, the Lamoille Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) agreed to oversee the Lamoille Chamber of Commerce as part of LEDC’s ongoing effort to build a better Lamoille County through job creation, investment, professional services & consulting, business recruitment & retention, economic development, marketing, legislative advocacy and more.

This effort helps continue the strong tradition of local business support and regional marketing the Chamber established decades ago, while also expanding membership benefits for both existing and future LEDC and Chamber members.
As the role of local chambers of commerce evolve throughout the state of Vermont it is imperative that these important entrepreneurial organizations adapt to ever-changing challenges and remain vital parts of the business community. This effort, aimed at meeting these challenges, secures the future of the Lamoille Chamber of Commerce for many years to come.

Building a Better Lamoille County Membership Highlights

  • Lower yearly membership dues for Lamoille County’s smallest businesses
  • Enhanced membership benefits for all
  • Low-cost vision and dental insurance through VACEPlus
  • Existing and start-up business planning & strategies for success
  • Cutting edge marketing advisement services
  • Support work designed to help lead your business mindfully and tactfully
  • Enlarging the footprint for business in Lamoille County

More Membership Benefits & Information:

LEDC and Chamber memberships open up many doors for businesses and organizations. Below is a sample of some of the important benefits you will enjoy as members of these vital business support groups.

Online Business Presence (As a member, your business will be listed on our website(s). We link to each member’s website and provide contact information about your business, to provide exposure and help get both member names and images out into the public eye.)
Opportunities to attend entrepreneurial events and workshops (networking and education)
Social media and email content announcements and featured business listings
Regular email updates on business grant/funding/service opportunities
Information/Statistics (Occasionally we will conduct electronic surveys through our website to gather information about industry in the area and related topics. We will ask for information about rent for commercial space, average wages for certain jobs, and other similar subjects. This data will be compiled and turned into statistics and reports that will be provided to members upon request, as well as annually.)
Lending and Financial Support
Access to VACEplus employer group dental and vision insurance
Commercial Real Estate Listings and updates

Early notification of upcoming events
Marketing Assistance
Legislative advocacy for entrepreneurial interests

Consultation Regarding Incentives (LEDC offers zero cost consultation about Vermont Employment Growth Incentives.)
LEDC Website Development Grants Access
Lamoille County Revolving Loan Funds Access

Note: LEDC continues to fine-tune its member benefits within our organizational capacity. Member benefits are continually evaluated for both viability, utilization and capacity. The above list should not be considered a complete list of membership benefits. Your membership support assists in countless ways to help the economy of Lamoille County and you should be proud to be part our efforts to bolster our region’s economy. We couldn’t do it without you!

Membership Details:

Through this endeavor, LEDC has agreed to assume a leadership role for the Lamoille Chamber of Commerce and will oversee all chamber activities. All existing Chamber benefits will remain intact. Chambers members will also gain access to all LEDC member benefits. In addition, and as a result of this effort, LEDC members will also gain access to Chamber membership benefits.

Starting in January 2022, your membership to LEDC will also give you access to Chamber membership. There is no additional fee for this added benefit. All LEDC/Lamoille Chamber of Commerce memberships will come due at the end of June each year. We will send notices annually starting in January as part of our membership drive. To be clear, you will not be charged twice for membership. Your single membership fee will give you access to both organizations and benefits.

LEDC/Lamoille Chamber of Commerce Membership Fees:

Company Revenue                                                 Annual Membership Fee
$0 – $249,000                                                           $100
$250,000 – $749,000                                                $250
$750,000 – $1,249,000                                             $500
$1,250,000 – $1,999,999                                          $750
$2,000,000 – $4,999,999                                          $1,000
$5,000,000 and up                                                   $1,250
All banks and credit unions                                      $1,000
Non-profits (501c), clubs, organizations                  $75

(Note: This membership fee structure follows longstanding LEDC membership fees with the exception of non-profits, clubs and organizations, which are now being charged a $75 membership fee. These annual membership fees give you full membership to both LEDC and the Lamoille Chamber of Commerce, as well as access to all benefits available from both entities.)

For more information about Lamoille County and the LEDC, contact

LEDC can help area entrepreneurs by:

  • Providing financial advise, assistance and loans
  • Assisting with state and regulatory processes
  • Providing business and marketing consulting
  • Providing special training and other educational opportunities.

LEDC provides these services free of charge to any start-up or existing business in the county that wishes to expand, increase employment, reach new markets and be more successful.

Helping our economy grow by developing tools and providing business assistance is the core of Vermont’s economic development plan. Putting this assistance together to benefit low-to-moderate income residents is what Lamoille Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) has done with the Lamoille County Revolving Loan Fund.

The Lamoille Economic Development Corporation offers marketing consulting assistance, free of charge to the business community in Lamoille County. If your business needs help creating a profitable marketing plan or needs assistance implementing the technical aspects of online marketing, give LEDC a call.

For-profit businesses in Lamoille County, with at least one full-time employee, are eligible to apply for the LEDC Website Development Grant that provides start-up money to create a company’s first website, or to redesign an out-dated website, with our in-house webmaster.

In cooperation with the Vermont Small Business Development Center, the Lamoille Economic Development Center offers workshops eight times per year on various topics ranging from marketing, sales, operations, financial issues, technical issues. Stay tuned for a list of upcoming workshops.


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